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Ten Gemstones Rarer than Diamonds

  There are many gems which are rarer than diamond. However, few people recognise what form of rings it's miles. If you're searching out something precise in your next jewelry buy, test out these ten beautiful gemstones you did not realize had been rarer than diamonds.    smoothtechi EDDison RICE READING 7 MINUTES paraiba tourmaline ring With an remarkable and uncommon coloration, this Paraiba tourmaline lives up to its expectancies. The high copper content creates a shiny blue colour with secondary purple shades. When considered under magnification, the colors of the stone can be excessive. This gem originated from the first vein mined. Photo courtesy of Shelley Sergent, Somewhere inside the Rainbow Collection.   smarttechnofy Tanzanite Tanzanite's severe red-blue colorings can rival fine sapphire for a fragment of the rate, and it's far a much rarer stone! Found only in a small zone of ​​Tanzania, this kind of zoisite has end up pretty outstanding. After i

How much is too much jewelry: tips for men?


No more the days when men need only a couple of jeans and a base shirt to get up to date. Time has changed and as women, men still do not get away from trying new things in terms of fashion. Sports makeup to follow a skin care routine of suitable skin, men do all this and in what way! About the example, men leave the options of the box and the way of life and are received by that.

Parallel to fashion and beauty guy, male jewelry has a new focus on men's

 accessories. In the last decade, men's jewelry have evolved with new trends to come. Now, if you think that men can not make sports jewelry, we have all the reasons to show that. Why not? If you are a boy who likes to dress, and then to know the importance of the accessories and the way he can sensitize his appearance in seconds.

Speaking of jewelry in particular, many gender options are available in the market,

including chains, rings, bracelets and watches. If there have been times when they hesitated in carrying a particular gem, it is now the right time to move forward.

Even though for men, it is true that the use of jewelry or accessories of your equipment is produced with a frequency lower than that of women. In this sense, it is also very important that men understand how to use these characteristics in their logic.

Here we are going to offer tips and tricks on how the jewelry rock for men and know too much.

Types of male jewelry









Guide for a man of wear jewelry

That is simple: I do not know where to start? Well, if not with many, just start with a ring, maybe. Always remember to be easy. Since it is not used to leading a daily life, it will take time.

Use it with confidence: you know you push your borders, but it does not let it reflect your face. Trust is the key. At first, you will feel a little confidential and that is fine. But over time, he will get used to her.

Be appropriate for the situation: Make sure the jewel is carried, it is appropriate for the situation. You can not give an interview with your fingers with stacked rings. This may seem inappropriate.

Avoid ostentatious style: always go for modest and subtle parts. Refrain from choosing everything that can give a false print.


Balance it: You can not use rings on all fingers, as well as chains and earrings. Always make sure you balance your gaze. If you have a neck chain, avoid using rings and vice versa.

How much is too much

Make sure they do not go to the sea.

Always remember that you are the accessory of your lifting look and not otherwise.

Moderation and subtlety are the key.

(All the photos are extracted from Instagram)

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